With new government mandates and safety precautions regarding COVID-19 appearing daily, commercial properties lie in an extremely unique spot. These spaces require consistent clientele to remain profitable, but safety is still the top priority. However difficult the challenges may be to overcome, certain measures can be taken to alleviate some of the issues commercial businesses currently face. 
Our team put together a list of some precautions to consider when operating a commercial business throughout COVID-19:

Layout Adjustments

Most commercial spaces were not designed with social distancing in mind. Floor layouts are usually congested and built to maximize interactions instead of reduce them. Completely rebuilding a space would be too costly and time-consuming, but repurposing certain areas to increase person-to-person distance is a viable option for most businesses.

Provide Digital Options

It’s a business’ duty to provide contactless options for clients and customers. From digital check-ins to virtual meetings and curbside pickup, these alternatives work for everyone’s benefit.

Schedule Management

For commercial operations that deal with large numbers of people, schedule management is absolutely key. Owners should do their best to limit entry numbers, enforce strict reservation policies and take control over the amount of people passing through their establishments.

Enforce Safety Precautions

Overall, the most effective safety measures revolve around temperature checks and face coverings. Although these may be harder to enforce depending on customers and clients, they’re agreed upon as the most effective actions.